Friday, April 2, 2010

CloverLeaf Creamery

This is Donna. She is the super nice lady who(along with her husband)owns CloverLeaf creamery.

Trying out all of the delicious ice creams...YUM!
Fresh milk, bottled and ready to go!
Oh boy. I better dust off the treadmill.

This is the creamery's bottle sterilizer. It is about 50 years old! And no I'm not talking about the gentleman.! He is the owner of CloverLeaf creamery. The giant green machine is about the size of a mini van and washes and sterilizes all of the returned glass bottles.
Fresh milk in the chiller. Do you see the label under the top shelf. Cream top. This is serious.

Have you heard of it? CloverLeaf creamery in Buhl, Idaho, is one of those awesome local treasures that you just never know that much about. In this family, we have a hankering for things of the dairy persuasion. We decided to take a little field trip to Buhl this week to have ourselves some of the best dairy products around. CloverLeaf is owned by two of the friendliest people that you could ever hope run into. They welcomed us with open arms and gave us first class treatment with samples of any of the flavors (20 flavors!) of ice cream that they offer and a tour of the creamery! We were also going to visit the farm to see some actual milking, but they had already finished for the day. We are already planning a trip for this summer to get the FULL experience. I just really want more of their ice cream! It is so creamy! Everything is made on site at the creamery from their own dairy farm milk. More info and pictures to come. As for now, enjoy this picture of one of their milk bottles and their vintage shake maker.