Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby L Sneak Peek! Cascade Newborn Photographer

Ok, so this was the mother of all shoots! We take a leisurely drive up to Cascade early this morning. Then it begins to snow-hard. I drive to my shoot only to get stuck in the long, curving, uphill driveway. I called my client to let her know that I was stuck in the snow in the driveway. She offers to drive down to pick me up. She gets down to me, we begin to load my gear into her car. The whole while we are slipping and falling down. We get in her car. She hits reverse and we go nowhere! She is stuck, too! She tries a few more times to back up and on the final attempt her SUV slides down the drive into my car! Is that not the best way to begin a shoot? Long story shortened. She calls a family member to pull my car out. An hour of digging and towing later it was free! This is a picture of my car being pulled out! Notice that I am up the driveway with the iphone documenting, not helping. I'm sure they thought that I was awesome.
And this sweet, little babe is what the fuss was all about. She is only 10 days old. She is such an itty bitty and was wide awake for most of the shoot. This is one of the only images with her blue eyes closed, but is the only one with the big smile! Notice the dimple! So precious! I hope you like your sneak peek and aren't afraid to call me again! Ha!