Wednesday, September 21, 2011

St. Alphonsus Nampa Oncology Care Center GRAND OPENING! Nampa Commericial Photographer

As you may remember I photographed the St. Al's Nampa Oncology Care Center a few weeks back. Well, they had their grand opening and ribbon cutting last week. Do you love that the top two photos are of food? That's right I may have a small obsession with food! St. Al's Nampa has hired an amazing chef on their staff and he made the most AMAZING red velvet cupcakes! I do not usually like red velvet cupcakes, but I could have had the whole platter. I didn't try any of the other food but it all looked so very can see for yourself. If you ever have a stay at the St. Al's Nampa ask for the cupcakes! Ha! I am so blessed to be asked to do all of this wonderful commercial work- I don't take it for granted!