Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sweet Valley Cookie Company Eagle Commerical Photographer

Have you been wondering what I have been up to? It has been a long time since my last post. January has been such a busy month for me. My work has taken me out of town and around! I am behind on usual, but hope to catch up soon! I just finished this shoot this week and I couldn't wait to post it. I bet you can tell why. It was pure torture to smell these cookies for two weeks while shooting and NOT eat them. Have you tried Sweet Valley Cookies in Eagle? If not, you MUST. My kids beg to go there. They offer a variety of 10 different cookies and many other treats, drinks, and food too! It is quite the establishment. They have the most amazing, HUGE cookies at a fantastic price. Heidi, the owner, is the sweetest lady! If she's in while you're there then tell her you saw her cookies here! My favorite cookie? The Brookie! It is a brownie topped with a chocolate chip cookie! THE BEST! My husband likes the snickerdoodles and my kids will eat ANY of them!