Monday, March 5, 2012

St. Luke's and St. Luke's Elk's Bronco Bunch! Boise Commercial Photographer

This is from Senior night at Bronco Stadium. It was the last Bronco Bunch of the season and I was blessed enough to get to photograph it! I got a great shot of Boise State's sweetheart, Kellen Moore. And we got to meet Boise State's other sweetheart, coach Pete! As you can see I was able to snap a few shots of him saying hi to my girls before he ran off to work! It was a wonderful night...that is after a little incident with a security guard (a minor misunderstanding)was figured out. After the game were able to get on the famous blue turf and meet some of the players! The Bronco Bunch kids had a blast and they really are given the royal treatment. What a wonderful program for those sick kids who are going through so much.
Now this little series is of the security guard coming after me.  The funny thing is that I was shooting the field and he just happened to march into my shot (I cropped in so that you can see the action first hand)  Then I realized that he was yelling at me!  After a brief exchange, all was figured out and well with the world again!  I've blurred his face, you know, like they do in the magazines. Ha!