Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cory's Wedding--- I am NOT a wedding photographer!

Ok, for an explanation of the title.  Yes, I went to a wedding and photographed it.  I was not the wedding photographer.  My brother and his wife hired a great photographer who brought along 3 other photographers.  I am not a wedding photographer!  I get calls occassionally about shooting a wedding, but I won't.  It is just little, old me here.  I really think that weddings need to have at least 2 photographers.  I would not do justice to any wedding all by myself.  Let that be a word of caution for you brides out there...make sure your wedding package includes at least 2 photographers!  Now on with the real story.

We traveled to Rhode Island for my "little" brother's wedding this past weekend. It was my second time visiting Rhode Island, but the first time I really remember! I was 18 the first trip. We came for my eldest brother's college graduation. He graduated from Brown. The only things that I remember from that trip were sitting in an old stone building waiting for my brother to receive his diploma and then standing forever in the streets of Providence waiting for the graduating class to walk by -- an old tradition that was completely lost on this girl. The highlight of that trip (next to my brother graduating) was meeting Julia Louis Dreyfus! She was standing on the same street waiting for her niece (I think) to walk by. We (my little brother and I) went over, like any other Seinfeld stalker would, and asked for her autograph and a picture. She gave the autograph, but not the picture. So, we walked 10 feet away and took a picture of her. Very sly, I know. I'll have to dig out the autograph and picture and post them. Back to the point here...the wedding! It was in Newport, RI. The most beautiful spot in the US. We want to go back! Here are a few of the almost 1000 pictures I took while there. Each is numbered. Go to the bottom for a description. These are from the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception. There are so many more. I'll post more soon!

1. Bride and Groom 2. Me and my family 3. rehearsal dinner table setting (I made the menus)  4. bride and groom at the rehearsal dinner 5. The Chanler (rehearsal dinner location)  6. Groom's college buddies 7.  2nd course of the rehearsal dinner...YUM!  8.  Groom and groomsmen walking into the rehearsal  9.  Groom surprising Bride with diamond earrings  10.  A hug for the earrings  11.  wedding rehearsal  12.  rehearsal dinner place cards/ favors (I made them too!)  13.  Glen Manor House (wedding location)  14.  After practicing the I Do's  15.  wedding reception dinner table setting  16. Wedding cake  17. Groom, Bride, Bridesmaids, flower girls  18. My eldest girl walking with the Bride's niece  19. Bride and her father walking up the aisle  20. My two younger girls  21. Me reading the Bible during the ceremony   22. Just Married!
23.  The wedding party