Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Baby - Baby Food Boise Commerical Photographer

Ok, I hadn't heard of Happy Baby baby food before I was hired for this shoot. I mean, we haven't had a baby in this house for a while now... I am out of the loop. Can I just say that it took people WAY TOO LONG to put baby food in squeeze pouches!?! Way too long! Anyway, I am a fan! These people are not models. They may be tall and gorgeous, but no. This is Happy Baby's COO. She is so wonderfully nice! Their son is a doll baby and I CAN'T wait to meet their newest addition who should make it's arrival in a month! So after our fun shoot, I was given a bag of Happy Baby baby food. What am I going to do with it you ask? Eat it! I had oral surgery the day after this shoot and it was a blessing to have Happy Baby on hand. I can't eat solids so I have been eating baby food. It is delicious. Like a smoothie! My kids have been eating it too. They think it is fun to eat baby food...strange, no? So, this sneak peek is way over due, but I am just getting back to the land of the living. But still eating Happy Baby baby food!