Thursday, February 27, 2014

S family Boise Family Photographer

Now, if you have been around me while I am with this family you will know that I have reserved these four boys to marry my four girls! Yes, arranged marriages. Thankfully their parents are totally on board. As for the 8 children I am referring to, it might take a little work! All kidding aside. I do love this family. They have become great friends since my first shoot with them in 2012. They are THE EASIEST family to work with. Up for anything and the kids are SO well behaved. And they are nice to each other. Image that?!? This shoot is ages old, but like usual I am behind with posting. Not my fault this time. Blogger! Arrrrg. I might have to break up with Blogger. And since this isn't any kind of a sneak peek...just enjoy the eye candy photos. Love you S family!