Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Annual Breakfast 2013

I was blessed to photograph the FCA breakfast again this year. I didn't blog about it last year because I was in the depths of morning sickness and my dear, sweet husband went and photographed it for me. Did you know that he is my second shooter? He had an amazing eye and captures images in a whole different way than I do. I love working with him. But that is an entirely different blog post that I need to write soon. Back to the post at hand. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes holds sport camps, prayer at the flag, and other events to support all athletes, but to also unite athletes of the same Christian faith. I loved being here and hearing the testimonies. They were not without drama. The keynote speak and guest of honor...Bobby Bowden! But, alas, his plane could not get here due to inclement weather. So, the next best thing? Well, Skype him there! It turned out great. Bobby Bowden is a great speaker and very funny. Have you heard his joke about the Watergate Hotel? Pretty funny. Thanks FCA for having me again!